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Something is going to come out of this, something new...

" Something is going to come out of this, something new. This can end you up in a whole new open place - a better place, a much more open place" - Pema Chodron

You may all be wondering who the new man is during the online meditation sessions; this is actually Ben with a different hair cut (offered through Sarah Sheehan's Styling Services!). Here he writes about entering his current retreat...

"Last week I left my job after four and a half years in the depths of the corporate world. I had fantasised about letting off accumulated fatigue over a tour of Mexico and other exciting outlets. It became apparent to me on my last day at work that Corona had scuppered my plans and I would have to re-calibrate.

I threw a tantrum, which lasted a day or two. When it was over, I let go of

my attachment to my plan and lent an ear to what Lama Zangmo and the universe was telling me. And what I heard was quite delightful: more pleasing to my system, even, than my planned adventure.

Now is time for a home-based retreat. The conditions will probably never be more ripe for a period of silence and practice. I can rework my associations with London, a place I correlate with feeling busy and overwhelmed. So now I am embarking on a month-long retreat and am feeling immense gratitude towards nature for inviting me to come back to myself, to contemplate my own mortality and remember what is important...."

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